​Over 2's Year Old Preschool Class -Daily 

Physical activities, intellectual and Cognitive Work, Emotional and Social Development, Language Skills, Moral, Art and Craft, Construction Play, English , Maths and Science , History, Geography, PE, Appreciation of Art, Literature and all kinds of Music, Drama, Sand and Water Play, Imaginative Play, Cookery, Computer Skills.

All of these activities will be specifically designed for young children and will allow each child to develop at their own pace. We also strongly believe in learning through play. 

Within the rooms your child will have a Key Person who is responsible for your child's development record throughout this/her stay in that room. A Key Person system enables close cooperation between you and the nursery to monitor the progress and development of your child. We believe that communication between nursery and home is essential. You are welcome to discuss things with your child's key person but we could also advise you that management should be informed of all major changes or events. 

Holiday Club ( Outside Term Dates)

We also operate Holiday Club outside Tower Hamlets Academic Term dates, such as Easter Holiday club, Summer Holiday club )